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REPO Crisis

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I just finished reading the Repo Report. I understand why you are reluctant to discuss this publicly when no one else seems to understand what is taking place. I was referred to it by a friend who is on the board of another company. He informed me that many regard you as […] read more

Impeachment Coup to Overthrow Trump

It has been obvious that the Intelligence community has tried to both prevent Trump from being elected and to overthrow his presidency. This Impeachment has turned into an outright coup. Here we have Joe Biden publicly admitting he withheld money UNLESS Ukraine fired the prosecutor who was investigating the company that hired his son to […] read more

FBI, Comey & Hillary – The Model Couple of Integrity

James Comey is now trying to “cover his ass” after being confronted by the Inspector General Michael Horowitz who found that the FBI’s handling of FISA applications for warrants against a former Trump campaign official was sloppy, to put it mildly. Comey had to admit: “He’s right, I was wrong” on Fox News Sunday. He […] read more

Why the Fed Is Not Lowering Rates

  COMMENT: Thanks so much for your explanation of the Repo Crisis which is now self-evident that the Fed has reversed course and did not cut rates. You are always on the cutting edge and your contacts are revealed in your analysis. PV REPLY: The central bank has been in control of short-term rates, not […] read more

The Truth Behind the Repo Crisis

COMMENT #1: Hi, Marty if you can, let the readers know if the “mother of all financial crisis” is the big bang. You talk al lot about the REPO crisis and some might wonder if these are two separate events. N COMMENT #2: Wow. I am left speechless. I think your title Repo Crisis is […] read more

The Mother of all Financial Crises

COMMENT: Sir, While taking a break from reading the Repo Report, I came across these words written by Albert Einstein before he passed away “Not one statesman in a position of responsibility has dared to pursue the only course that holds out any promise of peace…” he wrote. “For a statesman to follow such a course […] read more

FREXIT – Is France Hurling toward Exiting the EU?

France is by no means calming down. There is a major underlying problem in France which is rising to the surface in direct confrontation with the government and Macron’s ambition to lead Europe. Macron’s confrontation with Trump over NATO is a reflection of a historical posture of the French government that has resented both Germany […] read more

BIS & Repo The Report

Learn the truth behind the Repo Crisis and what may unfold as the Mother of all Financial Crises. read more

Drug Trade, Violence, & Capital Flows

QUESTION: Good afternoon Mr. Armstrong, First of all, thank you for all the information you give us on your blog so that we who are and live in third world countries like me can understand the behavior of the global economy and especially in the rich countries. The way I approach the issue of the […] read more

German Politics

QUESTION: Hi Martin, It can not be said enough: thank you for everything that you do. I have a question that has been bothering me for some time now. I haven’t had the time to compose it until now. You often talk of the fact that Hitler was elected with only 30% of the vote, […] read more