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Y2K & the Two-Digit Date Systems

  COMMENT: Was Y2K a possible problem ? I was programmer then systems programmer and Senior programmer for several companies in the late 1960’s into mid 1970’s. Indeed our records did have just a 2 digit year in all records. Of course technology improved and and space would have become less important and history would […] read more

Market Talk – December 4, 2019

  ASIA: US President Donald Trump sounded a little more optimistic over the trade deal with China today, having stated that current talks are going very well. Yesterday, President Trump sent the market into a slight frenzy suggesting that perhaps it would be better to wait until after the elections in November next year to […] read more

German Politics

QUESTION: Hi Martin, It can not be said enough: thank you for everything that you do. I have a question that has been bothering me for some time now. I haven’t had the time to compose it until now. You often talk of the fact that Hitler was elected with only 30% of the vote, […] read more

Market Talk – December 3, 2019

ASIA: US President Trump has suggested that the trade deal with China might have to wait until after the 2020 election in November. “I have no deadline, no. In some ways, I think I think it’s better to wait until after the election with China,” Trump told reporters at a NATO meeting in London. This caused […] read more


A LETTER FROM A CONSTITUENT ABOUT HOW HE ADVISED HIS TEENAGE DAUGHTER ON ‘CLIMATE CHANGE’: After our daughter of fifteen years of age was moved to tears by the speech of Greta Thunberg at the UN the other day, she became angry with our generation “who had been doing nothing for thirty years.” So, we […] read more

2020 Elections to be the Most Violent

QUESTION: The more I read that Trump’s opponents will resort to violence, I am amazed at your computer and how it has been putting all this together years in advance. Are we just pre-programmed somehow? KF ANSWER: I do not think it is the people who are pre-programmed. It seems to me that government inevitably […] read more

Market Talk – December 2, 2019

ASIA: China has suspended a visit from the US Navy in Hong Kong after last week’s passing of the bill which requires the US to annually monitor Chinas compliance with human rights issues. China did manage to retaliate by placing sanctions on a few US human rights groups. “We urge the US to correct the […] read more

Legarde & Green Bonds

  QUESTION: Marty; Why is Legarde pitching Euro Green Bonds when they lose money? JL ANSWER: If she can use the climate change nonsense to shame Germany into agreeing to issue Eurobonds, it would be a step to eliminate the refusal to issue a single European debt. If Legarde can sell that issue, then it […] read more

Climate Change – Hiding the Truth

COMMENT: Awesome !!!! Yeah that’s you Martin ! National treasure Also the Climate Change hysteria. I’ve been on that for 30 years. You are spot on. I took 3 semesters of geology and ran the lab for my professor. He specialized in glaciology. Martin I feel that outside of the deep state running the show […] read more

Market Talk – November 29, 2019

ASIA: The US signed the Human Rights and Democracy Act into law, which requires the US to continue to monitor Chinese actions regarding Hong Kong citizen’s rights and freedoms. China issued the US a stern warning that if it continues to support a pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong, they will take “firm counter-measures.” The Chinese […] read more