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Global Warming is Undermined by New Discoveries

Nobody wants to listen to the evidence against Global Warming because the government doesn’t hand out money for research that fails to justify new taxes. Real scientists have just discovered a massive previously unknown source of nitrogen that could turn the Global Warming nonsense on its head. My bet is that it will be ignored. […] read more

Market Talk – September 3, 2019

ASIA: Over the weekend the U.S. imposed a 15% tariff on a range of Chinese goods. Today, China returned the favor by imposing new charges on US. products. US President Trump tweeted today regarding the progress of the US-Chinese trade talks: “We are doing very well in our negotiations with China. While I am sure […] read more

Do We Face Global Cooling or an Ice Age?

QUESTION #1: You expect global cooling due to the decrease in solar energy. Why do glaciers melt? MG QUESTION #2: Now that the Greenland Glacier is growing, is this part of the shift back toward global cooling? Do you think we are headed to an ice age? FH ANSWER: There appears to be a 20-year […] read more

Political Polarization – Are the Democrats Trying to Change American Politics by Opening Borders?

There are trends which have unfolded in politics that cannot be repaired and reflect the decline in confidence in the government which is dominating the future into 2032. We face not only the polarization of politics which is emerging into hate politics, but we are also witnessing the attempt to subvert the political system for […] read more

Fiat Money & Fairy Tales

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, I am trying to find any valid information, without success, to whether there is any truth to a coming Global Currency Reset, a gold treaty purportedly signed by 200+ nations in 2013 written by a Michael C. Cottrell who upon notification by the Chinese elders, aka Golden Dragon, would then release “the […] read more

Market Talk – August 30, 2019

ASIA: China today told Philippines President Duterte that the disputed area of the South China Sea was not up for negotiations as President Xi and Duterte met in Beijing. However, China was willing to work together to effectively manage the issue. With Duterte in his final term as presidency, critics back in his native country […] read more

Market Talk – August 29, 2019

ASIA: Chinese military vehicles today have been seen moving into Hong Kong according to reports. However, according to the state run news agency Xinhua, this was just an annual exercise to make a schedule rotation. Of course, due to the tensions this could be seen as Chinese steps to military control of the region. Chinese […] read more

Dollar Contagion & Trump

President Trump just does not understand the dollar. This old school idea that lowering the currency will increase domestic jobs and exports sounds logical, but the value of any currency is determined by the level of international confidence. It is absurd to think you can lower interest rates and the dollar will decline to support […] read more

Market Talk – August 28, 2019

ASIA: Tensions are rising between the US and China as one US Navy warship was denied to dock in the port city of Qingdao. This is the second event in the space of a month where China denied the US; the previous being when two naval ships denied permission to dock in Hong Kong. Little […] read more

Market Talk – August 27, 2019

ASIA: Contrary to US comments that two calls were made over the weekend, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said that he did not hear of any call being made. He also expressed that the increase in tariffs are putting huge pressure on both sides and are not constructive at all. “We hope that the […] read more