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Market Talk- February 28, 2018

After the weak US retracement the DOW (futures) spent much of the Asian session around the mid 25,500 level. But, interesting that as we have been highlighting for a few weeks here that the DXY looking to be bottomed on time. Jerome Powell’s comments obviously shook markets, but worth comparing currency weighted equity index movements. […] read more

Market Talk- February 26th, 2018

  After the strong close in the US on Friday, we open the week with an equally impressive Asian session. It was the Shanghai index that shone bright today with a 1.25% return, not bad for a Monday and with month end so close. Domestic markets were boosted by the removal of the two-term limit […] read more

Fraudster Tries to Sell $20 trillion of Bitcoin

The Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Zaif has come out and admitted that a “system error” allowed customers to “buy” trillions of bitcoin for free. The Japanese newspaper, Asahi Shimbun, reported that Zaif informed users of the error in a post on their website. They explained that users could inadvertently “trade” the yen for virtual currency at an […] read more

Socialism Always Moves to Tyranny

  The economic message taught in most universities is very distorted. It universally teaches children to judge economic systems from the perspective of their victims. They will endlessly point out the impoverished people and the devastation of the climate as proof that capitalism is evil and that we need government to intervene. We have economist […] read more

Climate Change Conspiracy Against us All

800,000-year Ice-Core Records of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (CO2) QUESTION: Are you saying that CO2 is not a pollutant and we should not be concerned about rising levels? OD ANSWER: Correct. CO2 levels have been much higher than currently over the millennia. The Global Warming crowd has an agenda and the core of that is to reduce the […] read more

The Evolution of Growing Food

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; You previously mentioned that we can grow crops inside warehouses without the sun or soil. How did mankind survive the last mini Ice Age with dropping temperatures as we have seen in recent winters here in Europe? LW ANSWER: With each cycle, we tend to improve upon technology. Being able to grow […] read more

Market Talk- February 16th, 2018

  Most of Asia are closed due to holidays and so it was left to Japan to reflect Wall Streets strength. The Nikkei closed with a positive return of 1.2% for the day. The news that BOJ Governor Kuroda, is to sit for another term was taken as positive news as he supports continued easing. […] read more

Market Talk- February 14th, 2018

Ahead of a short week for China holidays and the release of US CPI data, it was no surprise we saw a mixed session in Asia. The Nikkei continued its bearish move with a decline today of -0.45%, briefly flirting with the 200 day MA but bouncing by the close of play. The Yen remains […] read more

Market Talk- February 13, 2018

Asia rallied, initially, with all core indices making solid progress in early trading following reflecting strong US markets. However, the Nikkei di not get into the mood opening lower and trending weaker into the close. Eventually finishing down -0.65% we saw a rush into the Yen against the USD also. Shanghai and the Hang Seng […] read more

Market Talk- February 12, 2018

It’s always a difficult trading environment when one large market is closed (Japan Monday), but following last weeks volatility we have seen a quiet bounce-back in quieter conditions. That bounce-back has been more visible in US futures than Asian cash even with the Shanghai closing +0.8% firmer today. The KOPSI (+0.9%) and SENSEX also enjoyed […] read more