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Market Talk- July 20, 2018

Much of todays talk surrounded currencies and the talk of combined intervention! Whether it was or wasn’t is immaterial, but what we did witness was a turnaround in the US Dollar strength against most geographies and at the same time a steepening in core bond markets. These currency bounces helped many markets to recover some […] read more

Market Talk- July 10, 2018

Asian markets focused in Wall Streets rally and especially as trade concerns appeared to have faded for now. We saw another solid day for Shanghai (+0.5%) but sadly the Hang Seng was unable to join the party. It looks as though the tech sector is failing the HSI, but then it has been the star […] read more

Market Talk- June 28, 2018

Asia certainly showed its distain after the disappointing close on US markets. Japan, India and ASX all opened lower, but reassuringly they were the days lows. The Nikkei spent much of the day recouping lost ground and with the help of a weaker currency., finally finished marginally positive. The SENSEX did not fair so well, […] read more

Market Talk – June 22nd, 2018

It was time for the Nikkei to play catch-up having outperformed many of its neighbors over the past week. The Nikkei lost around -0.75% for the day, whilst the badly beaten China core finally saw a bounce. Accompanying this Nikkei decline was a flight into the Yen currency with the result being a print with […] read more

Market Talk- June 7, 2018

Any doubts the markets were having were displaced after yesterdays strong US performance. the DOW breached the psychological 25k level and we are off to the races again. The NASDAQ has been creating fresh ground and now it will not be long before the S+P and the DOW join them. Asian markets still need convincing […] read more

Market Talk- May 17, 2018

The Nikkei strength was the exception in Asia today, as all other core markets closed lower on the day. The Japanese index benefitted from the weakness of the Yen, which at one stage looked as though it may challenge the 111 handle. Even this evening in US trading it remains vulnerable as the safety bid […] read more

Market Talk- May 10, 2018

The energy price rally was again the reason given for positive equity markets around the world and Asia benefited also. The Hang Seng (+0.9%) performed the best, but only just edging out the +0.8% rally seen in the KOPSI index. Retail tech and financials helped the run, whilst currency movements also play their part. The […] read more

Market Talk- April 30, 2018

On the final day in April, we have seen shares rally across the board and not just in Asia. Two major markets were closed today for national holidays and so volumes are traditionally quiet on these occasions. However, we saw a stunning +1.74% return for the Hang Seng as a broad based rally consumed much […] read more

Market Talk- April 27, 2018

A steady day all-round today for Asia following Thursday healthy US session. The Hang Seng bounced back the 1% that it lost yesterday, although still has a little work to do. The Tech and Energy sectors have eventually found buyers and encouragingly they finished with a strong bid. Shanghai added 0.23% led by healthcare but, […] read more

Market Talk- April 23, 2018

Asia tried to be positive today, but soon after the opening bell we were back in the red again with early volume increasing. However, with the exception of Nikkei, HSI and Shanghai this was the case. Early jitters were rejected for the SENSEX in India as support for IT, banks and auto’s helped values. The […] read more