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Bill Gates Has Been Controlling WHO

  We have a major crisis on our hands. Bill Gates is a VERY SERIOUS threat to not just the world economy, but to world peace. He has been using a loophole that allows health organizations to appear to be government agencies but are not independent and have been actually controlled by Gates. You will […] read more

Is Trump Nationalizing the Fed?

Here we go with the same old hypothesis over the Quantity Theory of Money that Trump is (1) nationalizing the Fed, (2) the Fed’s actions are worse than the virus, and (3) Forbes proclaims that the Trump & the Fed are destroying the dollar. It is really fascinating how these propositions running around are not […] read more

UK Government Downgrades Coronavirus as No Longer Highly Dangerous

The British government has downgraded the coronavirus from being an acute infectious disease with a high case fatality rate. After reviewing the data, they have come to their senses. Moreover, a study released by Oxford finds that perhaps 50% of those in the UK have the virus and the overwhelming number experience it like the […] read more

The Democrat’s Plot Against Americans

The coup that has been waged from the left against the right is an all-out global political war. They succeeded in bringing Germany to its knees and surrender its culture of austerity. Here in the United States, the Democrats have coordinated with these dark forces seeking not only same-day registration to allow illegal aliens to […] read more

Federal Reserve to Return to its Original Design

The Federal Reserve will return to its origin and it will do what it was originally designed to do. They will lend now on commercial paper rather than just government. As everyone knows,  this has been my strongest recommendation and criticism of Quantitative Easing. The Fed was originally designed to create Elastic Money buying corporate […] read more

Chaos, Viruses & Cash is Not Trash but King

QUESTION: Marty; first I want to thank you for Socrates. It called the crash in stocks, gold, currencies, and Bitcoin when everyone else was foaming at the mouth. The rumor was that $16 billion in gold was dumped. Was this just trying to crush the goldbugs, or was this more what you said at the […] read more

A Bear Market is Not Likely in the Most Hated Bull Market in History?

Well, here we go again. These people who claim to be experts are warning that it is the fallout from the global coronavirus outbreak that has caused the crash and one says this could be “worse than the financial crisis” of 2008. Another analyst claims to have forecast the 2008 Financial Crisis is now saying […] read more

Gold in Currencies & Cryptocurrencies

QUESTION #1: Marty; On the Private Blog 1/19, you wrote “When we look at the Weekly Array, we can also see volatility rising this coming week. The two key weeks ahead are those of 01/27 and 02/17. Therefore, failure to make a new high warns that we may see a retest of support ahead. We […] read more

Does Davos Always Get it Wrong?

  QUESTION: Summers has also come out and expressed that whatever forecast comes out of Davos is wrong. How can there be this conspiracy that the elite are in control of anything when they always do get it wrong? DV ANSWER: The majority is always wrong because they tend to talk among themselves and reaffirm […] read more

Sweden’s Insane Hunt for Money

COMMENT: Now when everyone except politicians says Sweden is broke government increases the hunt for money. 27 January – Karlskrona municipality is measuring hedges and they threaten 650 homeowners with fine if they don’t cut it. The fine is 520 USD. 24 January – Dalarna municipality talking about a tourist tax. Tax for every night […] read more