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Fauci – Truth – Coming Tyranny

There is a lot of disinformation running around concerning COVID-19. There is a virus, that is for sure. It was not a biological weapon, for the kill ratio is way too tiny. Was it created by research that Dr. Anthony Fauci was conducting, then forced to shut down and covertly sent it off to Wuhan […] read more

Your Comments & Questions

COMMENT #1: Marty, One gets the sense we are closer to a dictatorship than most think. Twitter, Google, Facebook, and others now appear to be working in overdrive to block content, prevent free speech, report only what suits them, in an effort to sway voters and build momentum for a Biden win. Surely, anyone with a […] read more

A Blue Wave is Bullish?

It seems very strange that Trump was seen as being bullish for stocks, but Wall Street is trying to claim a Blue Wave will be even more bullish under Biden. Even the economist at Bank of America said the best scenario for the stock markets was a Democratic Party clean sweep. This seems to be […] read more

London Police Attack COVID Protestors on Saturday 9/26/2020

  Once again, the London police continue to support the government and attacked peaceful protestors in Trafalgar Square. No matter what the evidence, the government is maintaining these Draconian lockdowns. We can see that the protest was peaceful until the police showed up to brutally abuse the rights of the people that will suppress their […] read more

The Global Usurpation of Power Underway

COMMENT FROM THE UK: Hi Marty I am sure you, like me, have expected without a doubt a move back into FALL lockdowns. It has been blatantly obvious here in the UK for months. The hype and overreaction is intentional and fear generation is being ramped through the roof. A school has one case of […] read more

Drastic Food Shortages in China

Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping has come out officially acknowledging the food crisis in China by asking people not to waste food. China’s rice farmers are fighting insects and weeds the traditional way by bringing in hungry ducks. Meanwhile, China is facing serious shortages of both grains and pork. Months of flooding have wiped out the […] read more

Storming the Reichstag – Another False Flag by the Government?

QUESTION: Hi Mr. Armstrong, I followed the Berlin protest and was so happy that people are finally waking up, however, today, the whole mainstream media narrative in Germany is…. “Anger after (whatever group) tried to storm the Reichstag building!” And that is all they bring on every news channel. I never watch mainstream media, but […] read more

Comments From Germany

COMMENT #1: Hello Martin! Hope you an your family are doing good! Thank you very much for your support! Just a small summary today sunday 13:00 Berlin time: The demo (so to say) – partly – continued until early monring, as some hundred people tried to built up their tents/to camp in the green area of district […] read more

British View of US Elections

COMMENT #1: Hello Marty; I hope all is well. Shame you are not here to see how barmy [crazy]  London has become. Just wanted to say, your forecast on BREXIT was correct against all the polls here which said it would fail. I think your computer will be correct again with Trump. We really need […] read more

Bitcoin Transactions Coming Under Serious Restrictions in Europe/Middle East

We have been battling in Europe over our report produced by Socrates on Bitcoin which the banks seem to be throwing into the same category as banned countries. Below is an excerpt from the clearing bank in Europe which is even banning Israel putting it in the same category as Iran and North Korea. The […] read more