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Gold & BitCoin

COMMENT: I admit I have been a gold bug and I bought into Bitcoin. I have been following Socrates since you began forecasting Bitcoin. I want to say that it has convinced me that these fundamental forecasts are just like fake news. When Socrates said gold would decline and then Bitcoin would rise, that made […] read more

The View from Britain

COMMENT FORM BRITAIN: Hi Martin   We certainly live in frustrating blood boiling times. Sadly it appears daily, that not enough was done before the election to prevent what happened – it would have been well worthwhile to set up passive surveillance cameras and teams at obvious electoral fraud hot spots ahead of time – […] read more

Time to Show Courage & to Fight

COMMENT: Every day that I read your blog I tear myself down and rebuild myself up brick by brick. Every day I become a stronger structure from the day before. Thank you. W from Brampton Canada. W REPLY: This is not a time to be a coward. We must stand and fight for what we […] read more

Schwab Advocates Putting Chips in Our Head so Government Can Read our Thoughts?

(full speech) Klaus Schwab wants to create this Agenda 2030 which is primarily based around dismantling the current capitalist system in favor of greater centralized authoritarian rule which will lead to lower living standards, less fuel consumption, fewer civil liberties, and much more government control tracking everything we do with a restriction on travel. Schwab […] read more

The Prospects of Trump & Will Democrats Split

QUESTION: I have two questions. First do you think there is any chance of this vote being reversed? Second, do you think the Democrats will split by 2022? WK ANSWER: This is extremely difficult. It will take the Supreme Court to stand up for what is right. As another client writes in: “Epstein didn’t kill […] read more

The Collapse in Confidence in Government Has Arrived

COMMENT: Dear Martin, I greatly appreciate all the hard work you do helping provide light to this mess all around us.  It would seem trump winning is a requirement for us to have any hope near term for staving off the worst of what’s to come.  I was hoping to have a question answered regarding the […] read more

Defending the Future

COMMENT: Dear Martin, I don’t know it anymore. My FEAR is back which a left behind me years ago. I’m not afraid of dying, I’m more afraid of living. I don’t know anymore what to hope or believe. …  Wow, every party just uses the same words and arguments for a better life for ALL….!! […] read more

Is it Time to Break-Up the United States?

COMMENT #1: This expo I heard appeals to reason First,, they needed the mail in ballots. Next, the public needed to see Biden always leading, so their manufactured results would be ‘reasonable.” So, they refused to declare Florida and Texas until well after it was long obvious they were both for Trump- thus keeping Biden, […] read more

There are TWO MAJOR types of People who Want to be President

COMMENT: For months now you have been saying that these elections will be the most corrupt ever (‘Our Model still shows a Trump Victory if it is a legitimate election’). Trump is repeating this message as well and obviously his voters have been indoctrinated as well. So far, no evidence whatsoever, just heating up emotions. […] read more

Klaus Schwab is Planned on Taking your 401K

COMMENT: Hey Martin … Americans for the most part think everything forthcoming “sounds” good, and essentially stay blind to all the gory details of The Great Reset. I try to explain it to a few people and it’s difficult to get a worried response UNTIL I say THEY WILL CONFISCATE YOUR 401K !!   That does it, […] read more