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Market Talk – July 21, 2020

ASIA: China has warned the UK that it will “bear the consequences” if it continues to go “down the wrong road” on Hong Kong after the UK suspended its extradition treaty with Hong Kong over a new security law that gives Beijing more power. A Chinese ambassador in London said, “China has never interfered in […] read more

Market Talk – August 30, 2021

ASIA: China is maintaining “normal communication” with the United States on trade, the Chinese government said on Thursday. Washington and Beijing signed a so-called Phase 1 trade deal in January 2020, before the widespread outbreak of COVID-19. The pact calls for China to increase its purchases of U.S. exports by $200 billion over two years. […] read more

Market Talk – November 20, 2019

ASIA: The Peoples Bank of China cut its one-year and five-year loan prime rates by 5 basis points. Yesterday, the central bank ordered banks to use the lowered rate to help bolster the economy. The new rates are 4.15 % for the one-year and 4.80% for the five-year, with the growth rate of China hovering […] read more

Market Talk – April 21, 2020

ASIA: India’s market regulator, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), temporarily eased some fund-raising regulations for listed entities to give them easier and faster access to capital markets. To allow more companies to avail fast-track rights issuances, SEBI reduced the required average market capitalization of public shareholding required to 1 billion rupees from […] read more

Market Talk – January 22, 2021

ASIA: Barring another wave of COVID-19 infections, the worst is over for India’s economy and policymakers may soon have more room to support a recovery, the central bank said in its January bulletin released on Thursday. The RBI slashed interest rates early last year to cushion the shock from the coronavirus crisis, but has left […] read more

Nero’s Palace Finally Open for Tourists After more than 10 years

Nero’s Domus Transitoria (Transit House) has finally opened to visitors after 10 years of renovations. Even I have never visited this place despite all the times I have been to Rome. You must descend underground to view the rooms and gardens of the residence, covered over the centuries by other buildings and debris. This was the first […] read more

Collectibles Still Strong

The world’s most valuable stamp is going up for sale at Sotheby in New York. It is the only surviving example of the ‘emergency’ stamps issued by the British Guiana postmaster in 1856. This specimen was discovered in a stack of papers in 1873 and sold for just six shillings. It was later purchased by a Liverpool stamp […] read more

What Happens when the People are Confronted by a Government Financial System that Crumbles before their eyes?

Congress has been out to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The national debt keeps growing reaching around $23 trillion, yet Congress as an institution points fingers across the aisle toward the other party to always find a scapegoat. Both parties share the blame and neither party is ever interested in even discussing the problem no less […] read more

The Paper Chase Part I

  ©Copyright June 1988 The story of paper money goes back a long way. One could argue that its first emergence was even before 2500BC in Bablyon. For the sake of convienence, banking transactions took place in the form of a clay tablet which served as a “letter or credit.” While such forms of money […] read more

Market Talk – July 16, 2020

ASIA: China’s economy returned to growth in the second quarter after a deep slump at the start of the year, but unexpected weakness in domestic consumption underscored the need for more policy support to bolster the recovery after the shock of the coronavirus crisis. Gross domestic product (GDP) rose 3.2% in the second quarter from […] read more