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Market Talk- January 17, 2018

  Given yesterdays sudden reversal in US and the accompanying 20% decline in BITCOIN, Asian markets traded nervously as one would expect. Most core opened lower but that proved to be the days lows. The Hang Seng spent 95% of the day in negative territory but then in the final minutes managed a +0.25% positive […] read more

Market Talk- January 12, 2018

We saw a strong response in the Hang Seng index today, taking it to yet another short-term record level. Shanghai also closed positively (+0.2%), but not the +1% performance recorded in the HSI. China’s Trade numbers failed to meet the widely expected 13% releasing at 4.5% which is probably why Shanghai lagged. The Nikkei still […] read more

Market Talk- January 5, 2018

  It has been a pretty impressive start to the New Year as we close firmer on all core markets and across all core regions. Asia followed US sentiment and added another 1% for the Nikkei, 0.75% for Australia and +0.25% for both Shanghai and Hang Seng. The KOPSI added 1.3% after news that North […] read more

Market Talk- December 29, 2017

Year end book squaring outweighed yet more positive economic data to close the Nikkei a tad weaker on the day, but closes up 34% on the year. Earlier positives were lost onto the close but probably the result of a stronger Yen trading stronger towards the 112 handle. Both Shanghai and the Hang Seng closed […] read more

Market Talk- December 20, 2017

  Its that time of year again, when volumes are less than comfortable and many just working half-days. We saw a mixed Asian response to the US tax reforms, but to be fair we have seen plenty of upside already. Most core indices edged lower even with currency also losing ground. The Nikkei did managed […] read more

Market Talk- December 19, 2017

The Nikkei found it tough to follow other core Asian markets and closed with a small loss. Volumes were again light and even a declining currency didn’t help sentiment. The index had opened on a positive note, but the continued scandal surrounding some construction companies resulted in a lack of follow-through. Closing on its low […] read more

Market Talk- December 13, 2017

We saw a bit of a rebound in Asia today, after yesterdays decline. Shanghai and Hang Seng both up around 1%, Shanghai outperforming the HSI. Markets were keen to see rallies for the US markets and especially ahead of the much expected FED rate rise, due later today. We are seeing yields in US treasuries […] read more

Market Talk- December 12, 2017

Asian markets were a little nervous in todays trading, ahead of FED decision. Despite the strength seen in oil, markets saw prices lower loose their early strength as the day wore on. in China the loans nominal grew from an expected 800bn to 1.1tln and hinder any further progress and even turned sentiment negative in […] read more

Market Talk- December 8, 2017

Asia started where the US markets off and confidence ahead of payrolls Friday, a government shut-down averted and hopes riding high for a BREXIT deal – which ran on the back of Sterling’s strength. For the Nikkei it felt important that we saw a 1.5% rally today taking us back to returning a roughly flat […] read more

Market Talk- December 7, 2017

A refreshing bounce for both the Hang Seng and the Nikkei were most welcome despite the continued low volume. Admittedly, the HSI only saw a small improvement but the Japanese index recovered 1.5%. Financials helped todays bounce with technology managing to hold yesterdays declines. There is still an air of optimism coming from global events […] read more