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Market Talk- June 18, 2019

A weak session for Asia to start the new week. With little data due, we are left to concentrate on the ongoing US/China trade tit-for-tat, the OPEC meeting and political headlines. The Nikkei and Shanghai both lost around -0.75% and with currencies not lending a supporting hand this time. The Yen remains mid 110’s following […] read more

Ancient Bankers Testing Methods for Counterfeits

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; You have mentioned that when money was gold and silver in ancient times, there was the problem of shaving the genuine coins as well as counterfeiting them. I have seen counterfeit shield for US fractional money during the 19th century, where there examples such as that to distinguish genuine from counterfeit coins? […] read more

The Cost of Labor is What Drives the Move to Robots

QUESTION:  Hi Marty, Two questions: 1. When the Canadians said they never look at “those things,” what “things” are they talking about? 2. I always like lowering taxes, if the remaining revenue will be spent wisely. (In our dreams). But as a lawyer in the Austin area, I can assure you that manufacturing by some […] read more

Supply v Demand-Side Economic & What is Never Discussed

COMMENT: Usury, first the Fed starves we savers for return for 18 years with their zero percent interest rates and gave us two giant stock market crashes in that intervening period. The lack of return caused us to cannibalize our savings and trillions of savings lost thru the stock market crashes and ditto home equity. Then […] read more

Market Talk- June 7, 2018

Any doubts the markets were having were displaced after yesterdays strong US performance. the DOW breached the psychological 25k level and we are off to the races again. The NASDAQ has been creating fresh ground and now it will not be long before the S+P and the DOW join them. Asian markets still need convincing […] read more

Market Talk- June 4, 2018

Following a strong US close on Friday and the lack of disrupting headlines over the weekend, including the G7 and so Asia returned a positive session across the region. The Nikkei rallied 1.35% as currency drifted and exporters benefited. The Yen plays at mid 109’s as the US Dollar sees strong demand focusing from the […] read more

Florida Hurricanes & Yes I ran a Model

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Did you run a model on Florida hurricanes before you moved there? KE ANSWER: Of course. First of all, I chose Tampa area because it is the least impacted area. The local joke here is that the people say the Indian gods protect the area. This is where the Seminole Indians set […] read more

Market Talk- May 23, 2018

The jittery close in US markets weighed on Asia at the opening and the lack of clarity just accelerated the uncertainty. The safe-haven bid returned for the Japanese Yen with a 1% rally taking it back to a 109 handle. The Nikkei lost along with the core, ending the day down around 1.2%. The Hang […] read more

Market Talk- May 21, 2018

The weekends news of on-going constructive talks between the US and China, certainly gave Asian markets a boost this morning. One noticeable event was the weakening in the Yen, now trading comfortably with a 111 handle (-0.6% on the day). Now close to its weakest since January, the fear is it now targets the mid […] read more

Emerging Market Debt Defaults on the Horizon?

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; You said that the emerging markets are a huge problem that will lead to a Sovereign Debt Default. Can you elaborate on that statement? Thank you for your insight VU ANSWER: The emerging markets are in far worse shape today than they were even back in 2008. They have issued heaps of dollar-denominated debt to […] read more