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Market Talk – January 19, 2022

ASIA: The Bank of Japan has shifted its view on inflation risk for the first time since 2014, driving the yen lower as a nation that has battled deflation for decades faces the mounting pressure of price rises in food and energy. Despite the historic change of view, the BoJ made no change to its […] read more

Market Talk – March 10, 2021

ASIA: China’s new five-year plan, made public on Friday, called tech development a matter of national security, not just economic development, in a break from the previous plan. China is freeing up tens of billions of dollars for its tech industry to borrow. It is cataloging the sectors where the United States or others could […] read more

Market Talk – November 2, 2020

ASIA: Australia’s former ambassador to China, Geoff Raby, has warned Australia is likely to keep suffering economic harm from “repeated rounds of Chinese economic coercion,” and needs to find a way to reset the relationship. He said Seafood exporters are the latest industry group to report disruptions in accessing the Chinese market, and thus Australia […] read more

Market Talk – November 8, 2019

ASIA: The Chinese Community Party has responded to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s attack that claimed China is too focused on international domination and needs to be confronted. The CCP stated that his comments were extremely dangerous and exposed his sinister intentions. “Pompeo is splitting apart and setting in antagonism against each other the Chinese […] read more

Market Talk – June 29, 2021

ASIA:   The major Asian stock markets had a negative day today: NIKKEI 225 decreased 235.41 points or -0.81% to 28,812.61 Shanghai decreased 33.19 points or -0.92% to 3,573.18 Hang Seng decreased 274.20 points or -0.94% to 28,994.10 ASX 200 decreased 6.10 points or -0.08% to 7,301.20 Kospi decreased 15.21 points or -0.46% to 3,286.68 […] read more

Market Talk – February 11, 2020

ASIA: China’s central bank has declared the country’s economic health as their first priority. President Xi Jinping has reportedly warned the country’s top officials that coronavirus containment efforts are hurting the economy. President Xi Jinping told officials during a February 3 meeting to balance their economic duties with their humane responsibilities. The pressure is on […] read more

Market Talk – May 14, 2020

  ASIA: Market disruptions triggered by the coronavirus crisis have sent more capital into Chinese stocks and some strategists see this as part of a longer-term trend. Todd Willits, head of flow tracking firm EPFR, said in an interview that allocations to China are something people are looking to increase. As US stocks plunged to […] read more

Market Talk – April 24, 2019

ASIA: The North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visits Russia for the first time near the city of Vladivostok. Talks are due to commence tomorrow between the two nations as Russia wishes to discuss North Korea’s nuclear problem. This, along with continued efforts to engage with China, is a continued effort for North Korea to hedge […] read more

Market Talk – August 20, 2020

ASIA: The US and China have agreed to go back to the negotiating table in the coming days to review the progress of their “phase one” trade deal, the Chinese commerce ministry said in a statement. Both sides will hold the “discussion over the phone,” the ministry said. It comes after talks scheduled for last […] read more

Market Talk – August 22, 2019

ASIA: More news emerging regarding a China retaliation of a possible US-Taiwan arms sales. A lot of the talks are subjective in nature, however, the deal for 66 aircrafts looks as if it will go through. China recently made an intention to stop purchasing US agriculture products, however, according to Reuters there have been some […] read more