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Market Talk- September 17, 2018

Another day another US/China trade headline dictating direction and concerns. One has to wonder if President Trump and the Washington Trade team are tagging it and playing good cop bad cop with the negotiators! President Trump is apparently insisting they impose additional tariffs, yet negotiators are attempting new talks. Meanwhile, the trend for both the […] read more

Market Talk- September 14, 2018

Asian markets ended the day strong, with the majority of the broader indexes increasing over 1%. Japanese Nikkei Index rose 1.2% albiet the manufacturing was slightly worse than expected; bringing the index to a 7 month high (Monday is a closed trading day). The exception to this case for a positive Asia was the Chinese […] read more

Market Talk – September 3rd, 2018

  Always a quiet day when a major market is closed and we saw that today. Asia traded weak all day as it responded to news that the US and Canada are yet to reach a trade agreement despite rumours they were close last week. Of course, markets hate uncertainty and this throws open the […] read more

Market Talk- August 29, 2018

Similar to yesterdays session, many had expected a stronger Asian opening than we saw, following fresh historic highs, but sentiment failed to follow through. Even though core indices opened stronger, through the day they tended to decline through the lack of volume and commitment. The Hang Seng did perform better than Shanghai but by the […] read more

Market Talk- August 28, 2018

New fresh highs established in the US helped drive sentiment in todays Asian trading. However, this was not to last and most core indices tended to drift lower for the remainder of the day. The Shanghai index actually spent much of its day trading in negative territory. The PBOC also set mid point for the […] read more

Market Talk- August 27, 2018

The PBOC change in technical methodology for pricing Yuan was the reason for the stock rally in Asia this morning and also responding to Powell’s comments. It could be political, but the move does look to be underpinning the Yuan, for the moment, as we head towards the next round of Trade Talks. Slowing the […] read more

Market Talk- August 8, 2018

The news mid afternoon that President Trump’s trade restrictions could be increased and a retaliatory Chinese tariff increase all coupled with latest China/US trade numbers turned most core indices. Following yesterdays strong Shanghai performance we saw some retracement of Tuesdays gains with the index closing down 1.25%. Although the Hang Seng index was also hit […] read more

Market Talk- August 6, 2018

A quiet start to the week in Asia, but the effects of China’s FX move are Friday is still being felt on core equity markets. The overhang of PBOC’s structural intervention in the off-shore FX markets continued today with the Yuan appreciating even more. The Shanghai exchange almost balanced this move with another decline today […] read more

Market Talk- August 3, 2018

After witnessing the strength the US markets demonstrated, Asia opened on a positive note but couldn’t hold it. Interesting that although the opening appeared strong, for the balance of the day prices were hit across the region affecting both core and peripheral markets. The Shanghai and hang Seng both found it difficult making any headway, […] read more

Market Talk- July 31, 2018

It was almost as though the longer they waited, the more complacent the markets were about the BOJ and the curve! The fears after last weeks rumours, were that the BOJ would start to step away from its rigorous JGB operation. However, after today announcement and comments, JGB 10yrs fell 4bp back to 0.06%. That […] read more