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Market Talk- August 3, 2018

After witnessing the strength the US markets demonstrated, Asia opened on a positive note but couldn’t hold it. Interesting that although the opening appeared strong, for the balance of the day prices were hit across the region affecting both core and peripheral markets. The Shanghai and hang Seng both found it difficult making any headway, […] read more

Market Talk- July 31, 2018

It was almost as though the longer they waited, the more complacent the markets were about the BOJ and the curve! The fears after last weeks rumours, were that the BOJ would start to step away from its rigorous JGB operation. However, after today announcement and comments, JGB 10yrs fell 4bp back to 0.06%. That […] read more

Market Talk- July 30, 2018

A very busy week ahead with month end numbers, central banks, inflation data and US employment report. That said, volumes are still extremely low and large orders are few and far between but tend to move markets none-the-less. The weaker tone was probably the residue from US tech markets, despite the late bounce seen for […] read more

Market Talk- July 27, 2018

A mixed session at best, but probably not surprising for a summer Friday and just ahead of US GDP data release. Australian ASX was the best core performer gaining +0.9%, helped by the announcement that BHP was liquidating USD assets to BP. Shanghai and Hang Seng closed in opposite directions and again, not too far […] read more

Market Talk- July 19, 2018

  The strength of the USD is starting to become a lot more visible over the past 48 hours. In some countries, its looks as though currencies require a helping hand just to slow their downward spiral. In Japan the battle surrounding the Yen being a safe-haven or not continues, but looks to be losing […] read more

Market Talk- July 18, 2018

A pretty mixed day in Asia today with a small improvement for Japan, whilst the China decline continues. Having heard the comments from FED Chair Jerome Powell, markets assumed a hold mentality with volumes reflecting the uncertainty coupled with summer lull. The Nikkei did add +0.5% onto yesterdays numbers, but at the expense of the […] read more

Market Talk- July 17, 2018

Japan was the only one of the core to distance itself form all others and close positive (+0.45%) on the day. That is probably because the Yen lost ground and seems to have finally broken that correlation play for now. Declining energy prices was the main talking point for Asia, but that started late last […] read more

Market Talk- July 16, 2018

Despite all of the weekends headlines surrounding US Presidents Trump’s meetings with NATO, UK’s PM Theresa May and then on to Helsinki with President Putin markets maintained calm. The USD remains very well supported, core bonds around the globe held their ground and other than a drift in energy prices, overall we survive in a […] read more

Market Talk- July 12, 2018

Many in the market were waiting to hear a response from China today, after the escalation by the US in trade tariffs. However, given their noticeable absence has provided a huge relief for markets and so we saw yesterdays decline reversed. An impressive 2.2% bounce proved wide spread and especially creditworthy when we see that […] read more

Market Talk- July 11, 2018

Just when the markets started to rejoice in the fact that there had been no recent escalation of trade wars and then the silence is broken. Early in the Asian trading day the US released a list of additional tariffs which are assumed to total close to $200bn. This number has wobbled equities and put […] read more