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Market Talk- October 17th, 2017

Having seen yet another US session, Asian markets traded firm and steady. We are on the eve of the Chinese Communist Party meeting which markets are eagerly awaiting any news and views. The Yuan continues to trade around years best levels (6.60) having spent the first six months of 2017 playing around 6.90 levels. The […] read more

Market Talk- October 16th, 2017

The big event this week will be China which commences its 19th National Congress of the Communist Party on Wednesday. It is little surprise that the Shanghai stock market gave up early gains to close a fraction weaker. The initial rally was based on the expected strong CPI release (+1.6%), but was overshadowed by the […] read more

Market Talk- October 13th, 2017

Today we saw Bitcoin (BTC) close and break through the 5000-dollar mark for the first time –BTC recovered fast from the recent downturn to 2800 level found mid-September, the issue I have is what is the long-term prospects with such a cryptocurrency. The questions we must ask is will Governments allow such a currency without […] read more

Market Talk- October 12th, 2017

Mario Draghi, declared the intentions of the ECB were to keep rates low, well after the bond-buying program has ended. Draghi stated this was important to keep borrowing costs at bay and promote solid growth within the Eurozone. The EUR/USD rate, is still in the 1.18 region losing 20bps today. The big ECB rate decision […] read more

Market Talk- October 10th, 2017

News today of the Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont putting a delay on this declaration of independence to try and have an amicable solution with the Spanish Government in Madrid. Pushed the EUR/USD rates up 0.54% to 1.18 on the day. Few other announcements around the world, the Swiss unemployment rates dropped from 3.2% to 3.1% […] read more

Market Talk- October 9th, 2017

Generally a very quiet day in the markets, no real game changing events shocked the major markets today. German industrial production was announced with 2.6% MOM gain as opposed to a 0.7% forecast. ECB’s Lautenschlaeger did have a speech and hinted at scaling back asset repurchasing next year with the view to scrap the program […] read more

Market Talk- October 6th, 2017

The end of a holiday week for markets in Asia. We have to wait until Monday to see mainland China, South Korea and Hong Kong’s reaction to the US NFP’s release and also the reaction to the turn of the US Dollar Index. Markets that were opened were seeing futures initial response trading firmer as […] read more

Market Talk- October 2, 2017

With Japan being one of the few markets that were open in Asia, most of the conversation was centred around Spain, TANKAN, DXY, UK’s Conservative Party conference and then the tragic events of Las Vegas. The Nikkei traded well, closing near the mornings highs with momentum provided by the strong confidence survey (TANKAN). With this […] read more

Market Talk- September 29th, 2017

The Nikkei lost just a smidgeon today but still holds levels way up on the year. The YTD number is just over 6% because much of the rally was in Q4 2016, so on a 1yr basis is up almost 22%. The Yen continues comfortably mid 112’s but with more weakness expected. Elections will be […] read more

Market Talk- September 26, 2017

  The late headline from North Korea yesterday spooked Stocks, Gold and Treasuries but had broadly lost most of that by the end of the Asian time zone. Both the KOPSI and Nikkei lost around -0.3% on the day with exporters and tech suffering in the afternoon session. US indices did manage to recover much […] read more