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Market Talk – January 28, 2019

  Asia: Slightly subdued day in the Asia markets as the Nikkei was down -60bps but still well within the recently formed upwards channel, which started at the beginning of the month. On Sunday the BOJ meeting minutes were released, the minutes showed that the policy makers were disagreeing over the appropriate level of the […] read more

Market Talk- January 21, 2019

Much had been talked about last week about the slowdown in China and on Sundays release we finally saw the latest. China GDP released at 6.4% but industrial output beat expectations. Both domestic and regional markets took this news as positive, as it tends to reflect a manageable slowdown rather than the feared ‘hard-landing’. Both […] read more

Market Talk- January 16, 2019

It appeared the rally seen in US stocks was insufficient to impress Asia with core markets closing mixed. Japan’s Nikkei returned some of yesterdays gains falling -0.55% with the Yen also trading a little heavy this evening, now with a 109 handle. It was a less than decisive day for Nikkei opening almost where it […] read more

Market Talk- January 8, 2019

As the market waits for any headline materialising from the US/China trade talks, most Asian equity indices tread water. We did hear positive rhetoric from US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross that an agreement could be reached, but despite supporting market momentum more would be required. Tech and utilities have been leading much of the advances, […] read more

Market Talk- January 7, 2019

Asia was just playing catch-up this morning from Fridays after hours news. The US/China meeting finally started today, but news is yet to be heard of any breakthrough. Japans Nikkei was the star attraction closing up nearly 2.5%, but see a rather dull day after the opening strength saw narrow trading for the rest of […] read more

Market Talk- January 3, 2019

The USD was the figure of attention overnight for Asia as it surged against the Turkish Lira, Euro, Sterling and the A$, but saw short-covering stops taken on the Yen. The warning heard from Apple over its Asian sales forecast and growing concerns for global growth triggered the sudden safe-haven flurry into the Yen. Obviously, […] read more

Market Talk- December 21, 2018

Another weak close for US markets and again, that sentiment just rolled into Asia and the mood was set for the day. Japan took the brunt as stocks lost another 1% as financials led much of the way following a disappointing BOJ’s unchanged stance. This inspired a revival of the Yen safety bid and took […] read more

Market Talk- December 20, 2018

The Federal Reserve raising the 25bp was pretty much expected throughout, with a few possible outlier exceptions. However, it was not really the hike that spooked markets, but that they had built-in so much belief that the no change in hiking rhetoric they was expecting. This is probably why markets are reacting so violently, as […] read more

Market Talk- December 19, 2018

Another volatile session for US markets, but then we should expect it now that there are fewer and fewer houses running positions. The break of the psychological $50 price level in WTI oil yesterday, was one of the key reasons given for today Asian weakness. Shanghai closed the session down a little over 1% and […] read more

Market Talk- December 18, 2018

The afternoon sell-odd seen in the states, has had further negative influence on Asian markets at a time when nerves are present everywhere. Markets look tp be taking their lead from US markets anyway and if anyone was in doubt, the recent reactions have justified the fear. Most of the core finished lower even though […] read more