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Market Talk- January 24, 2019

Most core Asian indices finished todays trading on a positive note. Both Shanghai and Hang Seng indices recovered from early losses and managed a close at the days highs. Both closed up +0.4% on continued talk of domestic support and the possibility of shorter working weeks. In Australia the jobs number released better than expected […] read more

Market Talk- January 22, 2019

The economic slowdown, voiced now by the IMF, has had an understandable impact on the Asian markets today. Probably the result of the weekend Chinese data, but at any length we now have a nervous market that is back looking for the bid! The Japanese Index is retreating from a one months high with dealers […] read more

Market Talk- January 14, 2019

A weak start to the week for Asia probably reflecting China’s poor trade data. This mornings data was the lowest in two years and raises concerns of an accelerating global slowdown. The data also posts a 17% increase with the USA, but also worth mentioning is that imports are over 15% lower from Germany too. […] read more

Market Talk- January 11, 2019

Last minute positivity in the US was released into Asia and we saw all core markets open higher. The Nikkei gained 1% on the day, even with poor economic data. The Economy watchers Index (Household Spending) released at 48% compared to the 50.5% expected. Previously, this number was recorded at 51, so was already written […] read more

Market Talk- January 2, 2018

In early 2019 trading, it looked as though we were set to resume the ‘sell at any price’ trend. However, US markets managed to turn that around, but lets discuss that further down this report. Volumes were light in Asia, which is often the case when a major indices has a national holiday (Japan). Scarily, […] read more

Market Talk- December 13, 2018

A solid day for the Asian region with gains of 1.25% for core Shanghai and the Hang Seng and was closely mirrored by the Nikkei (+1%). Continued optimism surrounding the China-US trade negotiations is restoring confidence, as the constructive headlines begin to appear. We have seen both parties conceding consolatory ground as evidenced by strong […] read more

Market Talk- December 11, 2018

Following Wall Streets whippy session and especially their strong afternoon rally, many expected Asia to open firm. However, that was not what we saw and probably supports the view that capital is US bound. Australia did open higher but was almost back to unchanged by late morning trading. Core Asian indices are all suffering this […] read more

Market Talk- December 7, 2018

You could probably hear the sighs of relief from Asia, after the US markets bounced from their lows Thursday morning. That certainly helped the region to open positively and manage an almost unchanged day, which was probably not a bad result after the week we have just had! The Nikkei and the SENSEX were the […] read more

Market Talk- December 6, 2018

The reason given by many, for todays weakness was the arrest of Huawei CFO (Meng Wanzhou) and that rocked confidence. Technology shares were hit which led to core indices declining across the region. The Hang Seng performed the worst declining 2.47% and that was closely matched by the Shanghai’s -1.7% fall. The CNY reversed much […] read more

Market Talk- November 29, 2018

The Shanghai index managed to hold onto gains for longer than the Hang Seng, but eventually both closed negative. Talk is, that a US/China Trade deal would be forthcoming but with a distinct lack of detail and a possible misinterpretation by markets. Core Shanghai reacted most with a 1.3% decline, while Hong Kong held in […] read more