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Market Talk – January 14, 2020

ASIA: President Trump’s trade war with Beijing reduced the US’ trade deficit with China last year, although Chinese manufacturers still export far more to the US than vice versa. China’s widening surplus provided ready ammunition to the Trump administration as it placed round after round of tariffs on the country’s goods to get Beijing to […] read more

Market Talk – September 21, 2021

ASIA: Crisis-hit Chinese property developer Evergrande used billions of dollars raised by selling wealth management products to retail investors to plug funding gaps and even to pay back other wealth management investors, executives of the company said in a statement. Evergrande financial advisers marketed the products widely, including to homeowners in its apartment blocks, while […] read more

Market Talk – April 17, 2019

Asia: China’s GDP rose 6.4% in the first quarter, outperforming many of analysts’ expectations. Some see this as a promising sign for China as last year the GDP decelerated every quarter. Prime Minister Mahathir of Malaysia has approved a “mega link” project that connects both sides of Malaysia, spanning up toward Thailand, as part of […] read more

Market Talk – September 11, 2020

ASIA: China has imposed “reciprocal restrictions” on all American diplomats at the US embassy and its consulates in China, including the consulate in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in China, in response to US restrictions on the Chinese embassy and consulates, according to Chinese Foreign Ministry on Friday. The relevant measures apply to senior […] read more

Market Talk – August 15, 2019

ASIA: US President Donald Trump has urged his Chinese counterpart President Xi to meet with protesters in Hong Kong. In a series of tweets, firstly highlighting the qualities of President Xi by calling him a good man in a tough business, and later tweeting, “If President Xi would meet directly and personally with the protesters, […] read more

Market Talk – March 22, 2021

ASIA: China will step up imports of high-quality foreign goods and services as the economy makes a steady recovery, vice premier Han Zheng said on Sunday. China will strengthen macro policy coordination with other countries, Han told the China Development Forum, a high-level business gathering hosted by the Development Research Centre of the State Council. […] read more

Market Talk – July 13, 2021

ASIA: The Biden administration on Tuesday warned businesses with supply chain and investment ties to China’s Xinjiang province that they could face legal consequences, citing growing evidence of genocide and other human rights abuses in the country’s northwest region. A joint statement by the State Department, Treasury, Commerce, Homeland Security, Labor and the Office of […] read more

Market Talk – February 26, 2020

ASIA: Indian refiners of edible oils led by the Solvent Extractors of India President Atul Chaturvedi urged the Indian government not to issue palm olein import licenses as any further purchases could result in a sharp drop in rapeseed prices and cut farmers’ incomes. India, the world’s biggest importer of palm oil, in a surprise […] read more

Market Talk – October 28, 2021

 ASIA: The risk of stagflation is “very real” in China over the next couple of quarters as factory gate prices rise at a quicker pace and an ongoing power crunch hurts economic growth, Charlene Chu, senior analyst for China macro financial at Autonomous Research said Wednesday. Stagflation refers to a situation in which the economy […] read more

Market Talk – June 4, 2019

ASIA / AUSTRALIA: The U.S. reacted to China’s claim that the “U.S. [is] applying too much pressure” to the deal by stating China is playing a “blame game” by misrepresenting the trade talks between the two countries. The U.S. Department of State head Mike Pompeo released a press statement attacking China over their handling of […] read more