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Market Talk- November 5, 2018

Asian markets were a little concerned of the afternoon sell-off the US markets experienced Friday and so were a little hesitant to find their own feet to open the week. Obviously, the media has worked everybody up into a frenzy ahead of Tuesdays US Midterm elections. In China President Xi Jin ping opened the China […] read more

Market Talk- November 2, 2018

If we had all gone home just after the US employment numbers, we would have all had a wonderful weekend and no-one would be any the wiser! However, as we know with markets, nothing is ever as it seems. Lets just skip to the finally half of the day just after the numbers from the […] read more

Market Talk- October 25, 2018

Asia woke to the 600 point drop in the DOW and knew it was going to be tough going from the opening bell. The Nikkei probably took the brunt of the punishment falling almost 4%, but what was interesting was that the Yen failed to see the safe-haven bid. The Nikkei is now down over […] read more

Market Talk- October 24, 2018

A lack of direction resulted in a mixed session for Asia today. Probably a sigh of relief for many market participants, as they are still attempting to explain the past few days events! Although, we are seeing volatile stock markets, it is worth keeping an eye on the currency movements. Again today we see the […] read more

Market Talk- October 22, 2018

Asia was a buzz this morning having heard verbal intervention in support of further stimulus and possible future tax cuts. This took the core indices from lower to over 5% higher at one stage. The turnaround in China has fuelled confidence around the world helped by positive Italian news and a sway of M+A activity. […] read more

Market Talk- October 17, 2018

We opened the day with Asia playing catch-up. All core markets opened firmer, but then the decline returned and we questioned if markets would even close up! Shanghai was a classic example of that today having opened strong. However, with an hour of trading was down around 2%, but then a last time buying spree […] read more

Market Talk- October 15, 2018

The cautious trend continued in Asia this morning, despite the late rally in US markets on Friday. The news over the weekend was pessimistic in China (Car Sales release) and the Bavarian election result, but optimistic in the BREXIT negotiations at least; – well, until the markets opened! Shanghai hit levels not seen in four […] read more

Market Talk- October 12, 2018

A much welcomed relief rally seen in Asia today, which was a refreshing surprise given how most opened. China did publish the best trade export numbers toi the US in sometime, but is being negated by the storey US firms maybe front-loading imports in fear of increasing trade tensions. Steady progress was made from the […] read more

Market Talk- October 10, 2018

Asian markets finished positive, but it was only when the US opened did the excitement begin for the day. Europe caught a lot of the declines into their close, so lets just concentrate on developments from there on, especially following growth concerns that the IMF have raised…. We did see PPI (Producer Price Index) release […] read more

Market Talk- October 2, 2018

  Shanghai remains closed but the Hang Seng reopened after its public holidays to a negative mood. The trend remained the same for the day, as bid after bid was hit to close down 2.38% on the day. The news that US Defence Secretary James Mattis proposed visit to China had been cancelled, escalated the rumours […] read more