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Market Talk- July 19, 2018

  The strength of the USD is starting to become a lot more visible over the past 48 hours. In some countries, its looks as though currencies require a helping hand just to slow their downward spiral. In Japan the battle surrounding the Yen being a safe-haven or not continues, but looks to be losing […] read more

Market Talk- July 18, 2018

A pretty mixed day in Asia today with a small improvement for Japan, whilst the China decline continues. Having heard the comments from FED Chair Jerome Powell, markets assumed a hold mentality with volumes reflecting the uncertainty coupled with summer lull. The Nikkei did add +0.5% onto yesterdays numbers, but at the expense of the […] read more

Market Talk- July 17, 2018

Japan was the only one of the core to distance itself form all others and close positive (+0.45%) on the day. That is probably because the Yen lost ground and seems to have finally broken that correlation play for now. Declining energy prices was the main talking point for Asia, but that started late last […] read more

Market Talk- July 16, 2018

Despite all of the weekends headlines surrounding US Presidents Trump’s meetings with NATO, UK’s PM Theresa May and then on to Helsinki with President Putin markets maintained calm. The USD remains very well supported, core bonds around the globe held their ground and other than a drift in energy prices, overall we survive in a […] read more

Market Talk- July 12, 2018

Many in the market were waiting to hear a response from China today, after the escalation by the US in trade tariffs. However, given their noticeable absence has provided a huge relief for markets and so we saw yesterdays decline reversed. An impressive 2.2% bounce proved wide spread and especially creditworthy when we see that […] read more

Market Talk- July 11, 2018

Just when the markets started to rejoice in the fact that there had been no recent escalation of trade wars and then the silence is broken. Early in the Asian trading day the US released a list of additional tariffs which are assumed to total close to $200bn. This number has wobbled equities and put […] read more

Market Talk- July 9, 2018

The mood appeared constructive in Asia today mostly following on from the late US rally Friday. Lack of any damaging weekend headlines has proved to be a relief and the markets have reflected it. China showed its reserve today with the core Shanghai index climbing over 2.5% and equally impressive, closing at the highs of […] read more

Market Talk- July 5, 2018

  Another weak session for Asia even as some markets did attempt a bounce. The mood in general remains negative with core China Shanghai down another 1% today as the US/China tariff issue possibly are enacted Friday. China has already publically stated they will respond and not be proactive, but the benefit of the time […] read more

Market Talk- July 3, 2018

Many in Asia had expected to see a recovery today following the turnaround we saw in US markets, but this was not to be. Despite an early rally prices soon turned lower as concerns over the US/China trade tariffs and renewed Yuan negativity. The Hang Seng looked to be the outlier but remember it was […] read more

Market Talk- July 2, 2018

  As we enter Q3 trading, markets remain nervous over trade and Europe. We still have QE disrupting bond markets and so it is not possible to acquire a clear view of risk. The ECB has been relentless in masking European government exposure and is even rumour they are participating in the FX market. New […] read more