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Market Talk- April 5th, 2017

After two days of national holidays, the main Shanghai index opened with strong buying demand with many anticipating positive comments when President Xi Jinping meets President Trump in Florida on Thursday. The Hang Seng also closed positive (+0.6%) but nowhere near the +1.5% seen for Shanghai. In Japan, the Nikkei recorded a higher close but […] read more

Market Talk – July 7, 2021

ASIA: Japan’s government expects the country’s economy to rebound to pre-COVID-19 levels by the end of March 2022, with a government official touting a strong domestic vaccine rollout and robust growth as the main upward drivers. Revised estimates show that Japan’s economy shrank less over 2021 than initially predicted, with uprated figures showing a gross […] read more

The Athenian Constitution – Aristotle

THE ATHENIAN CONSTITUTION   by Aristotle Translated by Sir Frederic G. Kenyon Part 1 …[They were tried] by a court empanelled from among the noble families, and sworn upon the sacrifices. The part of accuser was taken by Myron. They were found guilty of the sacrilege, and their bodies were cast out of their graves […] read more

Market Talk- October 8, 2018

  Asia was more concerned about the weakness of the core Chinese markets after last weeks holiday. The Peoples Bank of China cut (by 100bp) the reserve ratio for lenders on Sunday and that move spooked an already wobbly market. The Hang Seng had already responded to higher US rates last week and so closed […] read more

Market Talk – November 22, 2021

ASIA: China’s central bank signaled possible easing measures to aid the economy’s recovery after a sharp downturn in recent months fueled by a property slump. China’s CSI 300 Index gained as much as 0.5% Monday morning on expectations of potential loosening, while the 10-year government bond futures contracts gained as much as 0.3%. The Indian […] read more

Market Talk – December 9, 2019

ASIA: Export figures were released from China this weekend and show that the situation between the two largest economies is getting worse. The exports to the US showed a twelfth consecutive decline. A further round of Chinese tariffs set by the US is also expected to be set by the 15th of December, further adding […] read more

Market Talk – June 11, 2019

ASIA / AUSTRALIA: In Hong Kong over a million people attended a demo today to protest the recent ruling which will allow extradition to China; with those questioning the future of democracy in the region. The trade war is still escalating between the U.S. and China, with China stating they will “fight to the end.” […] read more

Comment from Portugal – Indicative of Worldwide Political Crisis

COMMENT: Hi Mr. Armstrong. I have been in Portugal for the last week. Here too people are fed up with politicians. Even in the country side the cities and towns are building unnecessary infrastructure (example of roundabouts in every single small intersection) just so they can raise taxes. People cite the unreasonable increase in property […] read more

Market Talk – October 1, 2020

ASIA: Chinese state-owned utility Huanghe Hydropower Development has finished building the world’s largest solar power project in a desert in the northwestern Chinese province of Qinghai. Chinese inverter manufacturer Sungrow, which supplied the inverters, said that the 2.2 GW solar plant was built in five phases. It involved an investment of RMB15.04 billion ($2.2 billion) […] read more

G20 Agrees to Share ALL Information on Everyone Starting in 2017

The Bundestag in Germany has unanimously adopted the automatic exchange of financial data with all other states. Banks will be obliged to report information on credit, interest, and dividends from 2017 to the authorities. You can no longer get a credit card outside of the country. You live to pay taxes. Nobody wants to deal […] read more