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SEC Routinely Prosecutes Family Favors in Business Dealings

  A treaty was signed between Ukraine and the USA which plainly states that Ukraine will assist in any investigation that may lead to criminal activity. There certainly is nothing that is impeachable to ask Ukraine to investigate Biden, which has long been considered a very strange conflict of interest. In the real world, company […] read more

Underwater Volcanoes Contribute to Warming Deep Water

  QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I read your Maya Report and found it fascinating how volcanic eruptions in the ocean are polarized to where the North Pole is at that time. Now we have people trying to claim that the heat from global warming is being hidden stored deep in the oceans. It seems once more these […] read more

Scientists In Drug Companies Say They Do Not Know Long-term Effects

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Thatcher on the Redistribution of Wealth Rather than Creating Wealth

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Protests in Canada – Interesting Approach

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Understanding the Unit of Account – Even Bitcoin is Expressed in Dollars As Is Gold

 QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I read somewhere that neither gold nor silver were the actual unit of account in Rome. Is that true? And what did that mean? Thank you J ANSWER: The “unit of account” in Rome began as bronze. The earliest money was just lumps of bronze that has practical value for it could […] read more

Europe – Here we GO Again

The European economic crisis just keeps getting worse. The European Commission is now planning to pool all money for bank bailouts among nations. That means the funds set aside in Germany to weather German bank failures can be used in France. Meanwhile, the EU is preparing to relax the stability policy (austerity) because of refugees and terror. This emergency […] read more

60 Minutes Interview of Paul Allen Partner of Bill Gates

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Due Process & New York – The End of Reason

QUESTION: My daughter in school discussed your case as a denial of due process of law. Your case is really famous in legal circles. ANSWER:  I get that many times. Even my cousin’s son in South Carolina experienced the same thing. When he told the teacher I was his cousin, she couldn’t believe it. To […] read more

Armstrong Interview in Germany with CAP TRADER

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