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Is Goldman Sachs Banning Staff From Donating to Republicans Again?

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; the Democrats are raising far more money from the various big Super-Pacs to take back the Congress. The talk is the New York bankers are telling staff not to donate to Republicans. Do you know if this is true? SH ANSWER: The 2016 Presidential Election was a monumental game changer. Trump did not […] read more

Market Talk- October 8, 2018

  Asia was more concerned about the weakness of the core Chinese markets after last weeks holiday. The Peoples Bank of China cut (by 100bp) the reserve ratio for lenders on Sunday and that move spooked an already wobbly market. The Hang Seng had already responded to higher US rates last week and so closed […] read more

Market Talk- October 4, 2018

The FED was blamed for stopping yesterdays US rally in equities and has had a similar effect in Asia. Jerome Powell commented that they are a long way from neutral and that hit the long end of the Treasury curve. The ADP was probably enough to indicate economic strength, but then Jerome Powell light the […] read more

German Refugees Do Not Event Know their Birth Dates

In Germany, the overwhelming number of refugees have no papers whatsoever. The government remains clueless as to who so many people really are. Over 200,000 refugees/economic migrants have official dates of birth as January 1st. The number is 207,347 persons who have sought protection since 2014 with fictitious birthdays was released by Federal Ministry of the Interior in […] read more

Come Join the Bring a Rock Gathering

  The girl who was riding the bike and gave the finger to Trump is now qualified to run the country. I am sure she understands economics, world trade, immigration, disease, and international war far better than Trump. She intends to file paperwork to get on the Ballot like the bartender from New York – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The […] read more

Market Talk- September 19, 2018

A strong performance from most Asian markets following the US run. Rather the news than the rumour as many people feared. Both the Shanghai and Hang Seng opened unchanged but from that point on, both made steady progress throughout the day. A strong close for both (+1.2%) after the retaliatory response, but does only appear […] read more

Market Talk- September 14, 2018

Asian markets ended the day strong, with the majority of the broader indexes increasing over 1%. Japanese Nikkei Index rose 1.2% albiet the manufacturing was slightly worse than expected; bringing the index to a 7 month high (Monday is a closed trading day). The exception to this case for a positive Asia was the Chinese […] read more

Will Global Warming Sink the Netherlands?

  A friend of mine was taking a class in geography in university for the credits. The professor was all about brainwashing the class about Global Warming. The pitch was that with reducing air pollution from cars, it would be possible to save the Netherlands otherwise the seas will rise and the country will vanish from […] read more

Who was the Richest Man in Ancient History

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; You are a history buff. Who was the richest person in ancient times? Has there ever been a trillionaire? PD ANSWER: The Roman Emperor Augustus. He is believed to have been worth in current dollar terms nearly $5 trillion. The only other person to have reached the trillion dollars net worth status […] read more

CNN Has been Caught at Creating Fake News & Everyone Else is Pointing the Finger at them

CNN reported that Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, was ready to tell Mueller that Trump knew about the meeting with Russias at Trump Tower in advance. Many other newspapers report the story using CNN as the source that this was the “bombshell” that would impeach Trump. that The problem is that Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, has […] read more