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Market Talk – April 13, 2017

Currency, namely YEN, was the main talking point for the day as then yen approached 109 over Two big figures on the week. This obviously the currency move hit the Nikkei which closed down -0.7% all surrounding the on-going geopolitical concerns. Late in US trading news that the USA had dropped a large devise on […] read more

The Future – Putting it All Together

This is the year of political hell. The question is not about supporting one side or the other. This is a time that calls for us not to be small petty creatures but a case that requires rational human beings, which seems to be more impossible with each passing day. Never did there arise a […] read more

When Sovereign Defaults Create a Depression

The 1840 Presidential Election took place in the midst of a great depression that was set in motion by State Sovereign Defaults after Andrew Jackson shut down the Bank of the United States, which acted as the central bank. There, the incumbent Democrat, President Martin Van Buren suffered a devastating loss to the new unified […] read more

Now What for 2017

Prepare for the what will unfold by purchasing the “Now What — 2017” report. Written from a global perspective, this annual analysis includes chapters on the euro, Germany, Britain, Canada, Japan, Russia, China, Mexico, and South America.

Included is a global table on the yearly level for all major world markets that includes 2016 closings, buy and sell signals for annual closings, trading prices (as of the completion of this report), resistance, support, and the historical high and low of each market. read more

Are Trump Protesters Just Completely Brainwashed Idiots?

Al Sharpton seems to be doing whatever he can to mislead minorities in a very dangerous way. He has been organizing civil rights activists vowing to defend what they say are hard-fought gains in voting rights and criminal justice prior to the presidency of Donald Trump. Sharpton is not stupid. He knows what he is […] read more

Currency v Language

QUESTION: Do language and currencies move in line with each other? Is language a leading indicator to currency i.e. Spanish in California. Will they create their own currency if they separate from the states? ANSWER: There is a direct link between currency and language. When I was doing interviews in Europe, I explained the euro would […] read more

Money Changers Refusing to Accept Australia $100 Bills

Because Australia has convened a commission to terminate the $100 bill, in the wake of the currency being cancelled overnight in India, there is a growing distrust of high denomination euros and Australian bills. What is interesting is A$100 notes are nonnegotiable now in India. The same is happening in Europe with the €500 bills. There […] read more

2017 is Looking More Optimistic Than Ever

The only thing about international trade is that someone cannot have a trade surplus without another experiencing a trade deficit. We all cannot have trade surpluses simultaneously and we have to begin understanding this reality. The net capital movements around the world are showing clear signs that things will be intensifying and the net capital […] read more

The Real Clinton Conspiracy that Backfired – The Worst Candiate in American History

Meanwhile, Hillary lost not merely because she misread the “real” people, she decided to run a very divisive and nasty negative campaign, which has fueled the violence ever since. According to WikiLeaks emails from campaign John Podesta, Clinton colluded with the DNC and the media to raise what they thought would be the extreme right among Republicans […] read more

WEC 2016 Will Include the actual Central Bank Slide Presentation from 2013

At the 2016 WEC, we are providing the actual slide presentation made at one of the G5 central banks back in 2013 to sell the idea moving to negative interest rates (zero bound) and it’s purported goals. This explains the objectives of eliminating paper money and how to sell it to the public. This was the […] read more