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Market Talk – January 28, 2020

ASIA: Global firms are stopping staff travel to China and urging their workers inside the country to stay out of the office as coronavirus has continued to spread from the central city of Wuhan to the rest of China and beyond. HSBC has banned all staff from traveling to Hong Kong for two weeks and […] read more

Market Talk – July 9, 2021

ASIA: The major Asian stock markets had a mixed day today: NIKKEI 225 decreased 177.61 points or -0.63% to 27,940.42 Shanghai decreased 1.42 points or -0.04% to 3,524.09 Hang Seng increased 191.41 points or 0.70% to 27,344.54 ASX 200 decreased 68.10 points or -0.93% to 7,273.30 Kospi decreased 34.73 points or -1.07% to 3,217.95 SENSEX […] read more

Market Talk – January 15, 2020

ASIA: After more than two years of rising tension, the US and China have signed a deal aimed at calming trade frictions. The agreement has been hard-fought, but it is unclear how much economic relief from their trade war it will offer. Tariffs will largely remain in place. Analysts say it’s unlikely that the deal […] read more

Market Talk – June 10, 2019

ASIA / AUSTRALIA: President Trump has told CNBC (US) that he believes China will make a deal with the U.S. because they “will have to.” He also reiterated that putting the tariffs on countries like Mexico and China will put the U.S. at a tremendous competitive advantage. Earlier in the day, President Trump tweeted that […] read more

Market Talk – January 9, 2020

ASIA: The United States and China continued trade talks in Beijing for an unscheduled third day, US officials said. There are signs of progress on issues including purchases of US farm and energy commodities and increased access to China’s markets. People familiar with the talks said the world’s two largest economies were further apart on […] read more

Market Talk- August 29th, 2017

Back to geopolitical risks again today after North Korea spooked markets with yet more missile test, but this time flying over Japan. All Asia markets were hit as a result of this, with a rush into safe-haven assets such as gold, oil and treasuries. Interesting that oil traded heavy even as the news hit the […] read more

Market Talk — May 3, 2016

A morning where PMI’s (Purchasing Managers Index) continue to rule the markets. China’s reaction was somewhat muted after mainland index rallied to close with a strong 1.85% performance but that was countered by the Hang Seng dropping 1.8%. The RBA surprised the markets with a 25bp cut in rates to take key rates back to 1.75%. […] read more

Market Talk – August 27, 2019

ASIA: Contrary to US comments that two calls were made over the weekend, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said that he did not hear of any call being made. He also expressed that the increase in tariffs are putting huge pressure on both sides and are not constructive at all. “We hope that the […] read more

Market Talk – December 13, 2019

ASIA: US and China have passed “phase one” of the trade deal, which has halted the upcoming Sunday tariffs that would have applied tariffs on 160 Billion USD worth of goods. China, meanwhile, has agreed to up their spending on US agricultural products to 50 billion USD in the new year. Trump tweeted that they […] read more

President of Tanzania Proves the COVID-19 Test Kits of Gates Test Positive on Fruits and Goats Should they be Locked-down?

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