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The #1 Terrorist Group = Domestic Citizens

  Government talks about Islamic terrorists, but their number one fear is YOU. The internment camps are for you, not Islamic extremists. Government CANNOT honor its promises so it will not even try. They are confiscating money everywhere, doubling fines, and punishing people for insane things. A neighbor received a ticket and a $200 fine for […] read more

Collectibles Are Still in Bull Market

The first gold coin produced in the American Colonies is known as the 1787 Brasher Doubloon that was just sold at the Heritage auction for $4,582,500. Ancient coins are generally up substantially over the last 10 years with pieces that sold for $20,000 in 1994 bringing today $150,000 to $200,000. Money continues to move out of […] read more

Ebay Joins Cancel Culture

I find this truly just amazing. Dr. Seuss is obviously far more dangerous than Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” or any of the works of Karl Marx who was responsible for the deaths of over 200 million people with his Socialist/Communist revolutions. Indeed, I have a very extensive library. It did not include the books of Dr. […] read more

Manipulating the World Economy – Sold Out Again

We listed just 200 for sale and they sold out again. Apparently, they will not ship outside the United States. Here is what we have done given the crisis we are in. Amazon is backed-up and we do not know how long it will take for them to get the new addition up. We have […] read more

Market Talk – January 4, 2022

 ASIA:   The major Asian stock markets had a mixed day today: NIKKEI 225 increased 510.08 points or 1.77% to 29,301.79 Shanghai decreased 7.45 points or -0.20% to 3,632.33 Hang Seng increased 15.09 points or 0.06% to 23,289.84 ASX 200 increased 145.20 points or 1.95% to 7,589.80 Kospi increased 0.47 points or 0.02% to 2,989.24 […] read more

The Growth of the Internet – The Dawn of a Complete New Era

Number of Websites ( The continued growth in the internet has had a tremendous impact upon the global economy and political events as well. The total number of website domains is up to the 644 million level while active sites are approaching 200 million. This news is moving to the internet world and mainstream media […] read more

The Hunt for Money – No Amount is Too Small

COMMENT: You may already know this but in case you don’t: this is a prime example of the ‘war on cash’.: Yesterday I walked into my sisters bank (Santander) in the local town in England, a quite affluent town not somewhere deprived. I handed over and politely asked to deposit a mere £200 (that’s two […] read more

The World – International Living

  For those looking to get away, the WORLD is a new idea. They have taken a cruise ship and turning it into condos. You can be one of 200 who get to buy your condo and the ship just keeps sailing around the world. For non-Americans, it is tax free living. For Americans, well […] read more

Gold Report

  OK – we have received so many emails request an electronic PDF version. We will post tomorrow the gold section which is about 200 pages by itself. We will post the silver next week with Platinum, Palladium, and Copper. Because of worldwide demand for this report, we have issued it in terms of all […] read more

The Looting Begins as Stores Close

Looting begins whenever there is a crisis of this nature and stores are ordered to close, such as during hurricanes or earthquakes. In Panama, the looting has begun. There are 200 cases of the virus in Panama, and most reported cases appear to be imported by travelers. Many places are refusing to test people unless […] read more