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Market Talk – February 6, 2019

  Asia: The following country’s markets are closed for the national holiday: China, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Singapore. The Chinese Yuan increased 16 bps against the dollar despite the market being closed. The Japanese stock market increased +0.14%. The YoY for the Nikkei is still negative, slipping -3.56%. The same cannot be said for […] read more

Market Talk – February 5, 2019

  Asia: With most of Asia closed due to the Chinese New Year (many wishes again!), Japanese was subject to represent the region. The Nikkei 225, dropped 19bps today. German Chancellor Angela Merkel recent trip to Japan highlighted a concern with Huawei that data emanating from the EU must not be handed over to the […] read more

Market Talk – February 4, 2019

  Asia: Firstly, we would like to wish our Chinese and Korean readers a happy new year and have a wonderful holiday. Asian stocks posted positive returns as optimism grew regarding a possible US and China trade deal. Donald Trump and Xi Jinping are due to meet on the 27th and 28th of February in […] read more

Gun Sales Surge in Germany thanks to Rapeugees

Gun sales in Germany have soared because of what they call the “Rapeugees.” Three years ago, more than 2,000 German girls were raped/sexually assaulted on New Year’s Eve in several German cities. Then a leaked document surfaced reporting that 2,000 men assaulted and raped 1,200 girls across Germany on New Year’s Eve in 2015/2016. Initially, there was dead silence […] read more

Market Talk- January 8, 2019

As the market waits for any headline materialising from the US/China trade talks, most Asian equity indices tread water. We did hear positive rhetoric from US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross that an agreement could be reached, but despite supporting market momentum more would be required. Tech and utilities have been leading much of the advances, […] read more

Market Talk- January 7, 2019

Asia was just playing catch-up this morning from Fridays after hours news. The US/China meeting finally started today, but news is yet to be heard of any breakthrough. Japans Nikkei was the star attraction closing up nearly 2.5%, but see a rather dull day after the opening strength saw narrow trading for the rest of […] read more

Martin Luther & New Revelations About the Bible

Many people argue about various theories of the Bible. There is one major issue that is rarely ever discussed. The original Bible was written primarily in Hebrew with some portions in Aramaic. It was first translated into Greek, which even in Roman times many believed was the superior language. The Bible was then translated into Latin but […] read more

Market Talk- December 13, 2018

A solid day for the Asian region with gains of 1.25% for core Shanghai and the Hang Seng and was closely mirrored by the Nikkei (+1%). Continued optimism surrounding the China-US trade negotiations is restoring confidence, as the constructive headlines begin to appear. We have seen both parties conceding consolatory ground as evidenced by strong […] read more

Market Talk- December 12, 2018

The, eventually, positive tone from the US markets were helpful for the Asian opening. However, talk that China and the USA are progressing on the trade talks was really what gave the whole region confidence. All core opened well with little sign of looking back. It was only the Shanghai index that lost momentum towards […] read more

Market Talk- November 14, 2018

Only two of the core Asian indices opened better this morning and even they backed into negative territory. The Nikkei and the SENSEX were the two, but both were back in the red within the hour. Nerves, poor data, sentiment, lack of investment and the US volatility are all reasons being provided for the negativity […] read more