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Market Talk March 22nd, 2016

Shortly after the European open news broke of the Belgium terror attacks and we saw the usual flight to quality. Treasuries rallied, as did Gold and the US Dollar while stocks fell and in particular airlines and travel companies. At one stage we saw the DAX down over -1.5% with CAC, IBEX and FTSE not […] read more

Market Talk – Pi Day – March 14, 2016

Quieter equity markets across the globe today with gains decreasing as we move from east to west. Core Asian markets saw returns today of around +1.5% each but the week is to be dominated by central bank activity. Today sees the start of the BOJ’s two-day meeting, but no change in rate is expected by […] read more

Market Talk – December 31, 2015

It was a very dull day to finish 2015, but not really surprising given the performance we have seen for the year. Shanghai has finished the year up 9.4%, but it was the smaller Shenzhen Composite with a YTD gain of 63.2% that was the shining star. The Nikkei added to its annual gain by […] read more

Market Talk — December 29, 2015

Despite the low volume, we saw a positive rally across Asian equities with all markets closing around 0.5% or higher. The PBOC set the yuan rate at 6.486, the lowest since mid-2011, but marginally weaker than yesterday. In Europe, markets moved ahead with the DAX, FTSE, and CAC all closing higher by around 2%, the […] read more

Market Talk – December 7, 2015

Asia saw a mixed session with prices marginally lower, but not too much to write home about. It was not until Europe opened that we started to see a pick-up in volatility that provided dealers with something to talk about. The oil and energies market provided the discussion point with TWI, Brent, and Nat-Gas all […] read more

Market Talk – November 13, 2015

All core Asian indices opened weaker and not one recovered ahead of the weekend. Hang Seng and Shanghai were down 2% and 1% respectively, whilst the Nikkei lost 0.5%. That weak trend continued into the European and U.S. sessions with all (Asian) futures markets currently reflecting an additional 1%+ loss. The momentum across Europe has […] read more

Market Talk — November 9, 2015

On Sunday, we saw the release of some weak Chinese data (exports fell 6.9% whilst imports 18.8%) resulting in a high trade surplus of $61.64bn. The Shanghai Index closed Monday with a strong gains (+57pts +1.6%). The Nikkei also performed well in Tokyo (+377pts +1.96%) although given the slight reversal in the currency, the futures market in the […] read more

Market Talk — November 3, 2015

Asia saw a mixed session with small plays in both directions from the core markets; the Hang Seng did however close strong (up 0.85%). Once the European session got underway most indices were trading heavy as the euro continues to lose friends. That all changed, however, once the U.S. markets opened for trading. After the […] read more

Market Talk – October 29, 2015

A mixed session out of Asia with not one market providing a clear sense of direction! The Nikkei and Shanghai spent the day flip-flopping between red and black whilst the Hang Seng saw selling throughout the day. All core European Indices returned negative performances today with declines between -0.2% and 0.6%. The U.S. opened weaker after yesterday […] read more

Market Talk — October 28, 2015

The Nikkei did see a solid performance today closing up +0.67%, but the guess is that large players will remain on the sidelines until after the BOJ at the end of the week. Shanghai and HS were heavy and even dragged the ASX (Australian Index) lower in late trading as talk returned to a slowing global […] read more