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Nepotian – 350 AD

Nepotian 350 AD Ruled Rome for 28 days Nephew of Constantine the Great Flavius Julius Nepotianus Constantinus was a nephew of Constantine the Great. Nepotian seized power in Rome following the death of Constansin 350 AD. After a brief reign of only 28 days, Nepotian was captured by the soldiers of Magnentius the usurper and put to death. Monetary […] read more

Vetranio – 350 AD

Vetranio 350AD Temporary Joint Emperor of Illyricum Vetranio was an elderly general who held the rank of magister militum under Constans. During the period of uncertainty following the downfall of the Emperor and Magnentius’ rise to power, Constantius’ sister, Constantia convinced Vetranio to become temporary joint Emperor in an effort to keep Magnentius in check while Constantius was otherwise engaged on the […] read more

Magnentius – 350-353 AD

Magnentius 350-353 AD Usurper in Gaul Flavius Magnus Magnentius was a general of barbarian descent. Magnentius led a revolt against the Emperor Constans in the West at Augustodunum (Autun) where he was joined by the Roman legions of most of the Western provinces. Because of his extreme unpopularity, the Emperor Constans found himself without support and attempted […] read more

350-250 BC

Monetary History of the World 350-250BC by Martin A. Armstrong The Rise of Alexander the Great The Greek world was now ripe for plunder. On its fringes, two great powers were emerging – that of Rome and Macedonia. Macedonia was the home of Philip II (359-336 BC). It was an area in Greece that occupies […] read more

450-350 BC

Monetary History of the World 450-350 BC by Martin A. Armstrong The Battle of Marathon and the Monetary System The Persian invasion of the Greeks in Asia Minor, under which Lydia fell to King Cyrus, marked the beginning of the legendary struggle between the Greeks and the Persians. The Greek cities in Asia Minor finally […] read more

Constans – 337-350 AD

Constans As Caesar 317-337 AD As Augustus 337-340 AD Youngest son of Constantine the Great Flavius Julius Constans was the youngest of the three sons of Constantine I and Fausta, and was born in A.D. 320 (or 323). Given the rank of Caesar in 333, he received Italy, Africa and Illyricum as his share of […] read more

The Frankfurt Seminar

Thank you to all who joined us at the Frankfurt seminar!

A video of the event will be available for purchase shortly, and all attendees will receive the video complimentary. read more

Julian II – The Trump of Rome?

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; You seem to have studied history more than any professor I ever met. So I am directing this question to you. Did Rome have their Trump who tried to drain the swamp? Or was everyone just immersed in the swamp? LR ANSWER: History repeats because human nature never changes no matter how […] read more


Historical Chronology of Greece 10,000-30 BC 1) Early Greece 10,000-1000 BC 2) Mycenaean Greece 2000-1000 BC 3) Dark Age Greece 1000-800 BC 4) Hellenic Greece 800-350 BC 5) Archaic Greece 800-500 BC 6) Classical Greece 500-350 BC 7) Hellenistic Greece 350-330 BC Early Greece10,000-1,000 BC 10,000 BC Paleolithic Greece – rudimentary existence6,000 BC Neolithic Greece – farming, villages3,000 BC Migrations of Indo-Europeans […] read more

Climate Change & the Blame Game has been going on Since the 1890s

COMMENT: I really get annoyed by people who say well it has been warm here so what happens elsewhere is irrelevant. They are idiots and cannot see the whole and just want to blame humans for everything. I can see how our situation is hopeless when it comes to climate change. All the best JS ANSWER: […] read more