Market Talk — July 27, 2016

More talk that the expected that the Japanese stimulus package could exceed the JPY 20tln and could even be as large as 28tln boosted the Nikkei and sent the Yen [...]

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Market Talk — July 26, 2016

When is a stimulus not a stimulus? Talk in Japan that the eagerly awaited stimulus may not be enough (combined with some nervous profit-taking) produced a 1.4% [...]

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ECB Brings European Banks to the Brink of Disaster

The European banking crisis is spreading rapidly. There are now concerns in Italy and in Portugal as well. The ECB cannot even understand why people would not want [...]

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Goldman Sachs Sued for $510 Million

Goldman Sachs has been sued for $510 million in New York State Court, which is at least more viable than federal court. The case is Primus Pacific Partners I LP v [...]

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Wall Street Starting to Worry That Hillary May Lose

Support for Hillary continues to collapse. Wall Street’s previous expectation was that Hillary would win. That was the opinion of about 80% of the people on [...]

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Obama Baton Ruge

Obama Blames Russia for Exposing DNC & Hillary Fraud – Sorry, Not Likely

Obama has come out and blamed Russia for hacking the DNC. This, of course, is a diversion to create sympathy for Hillary and change the top of fraud, lies, and [...]

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Need Money for Hillary

Wikileaks Confirms Hillary is For Sale

The WikiLeaks release of the Democratic National Committee’s emails and documents have confirmed what has always been self-evidence to those behind the curtain [...]

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Wikileaks & DNC Emails Show Conspiracy Against Bernie

The hacking of the Democratic Party has been an eye-opener. WikiLeaks dumped a massive load of e-mails from the Democratic National Committee onto the web on [...]

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DNC Phila

Hacker Guccifer Leaks New DNC Data

The hacker group Guccifer has released another batch of documents from the Democratic National Committee’s servers. The top-20 personal individuals donating to [...]

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World Trade-R

Trade Misinvoicing & $78 Billion of Missing Gold

  Did $78 billion in gold exports from South Africa really go missing? Nope. As taxes rise, so does trade misinvoicing. This confusing term is actually a [...]

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