Dow Update – Private Blog 3-1-2017

Private Blog Update for Dow Jones [...]

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Euro Crisis - 1

The Euro Crisis – Dow & Gold

The rumors are flying in France and the conservative candidate Fillon denounces a probe now into corruption. Fillon now vows to fight on to the end – not [...]

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Beyond AI

Machine Learning Programmers Wanted

We are looking to hire programmers interested in the cutting edge of machine learning as well as outsourcing specialty firms with sufficient staff. On-site work [...]

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Why Majority of Fund Managers Cannot Beat the S&P500?

QUESTION: Marty; The Mises Institute said “Martin Armstrong is one of the most famous economic forecasters alive” and others call you the legend. I have [...]

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Tax Defining Rich

Small Business was the Backbone of the Economy

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; My family have been lifelong democrats and operated a small local business. We were never in the multi-million dollar class, but always [...]

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Teamsters Local 707 Goes Bankrupt

The Pension Crisis on the horizon is far worse than anyone can imagine. This is the final straw that will break the back of socialism the same as communism fell. [...]

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The Obama-Boehner Debt Crisis

The debt deal struck by President Barack Obama and the then House Speaker John Boehner back in October 2015, was done purposefully to ensure that the debt crisis [...]

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Market Talk- February 28, 2017

  Much of the talk surrounded the 12 days of fresh highs for the US markets, but even so Asia closed mixed with focus well and truly on President Trump’s [...]

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Is the Media Trying to Reestablish the Establishment?

They say that knowledge is power. This is why the media has been engaging in outright propaganda and they hate Trump for he has been using Twitter to bypass the [...]

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China CIPS v Western SWIFT System

COMMENT: Marty; Some people are trying to claim that China in bypassing the Swift System, they are undermining the dollar. The latest absurd statement is [...]

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